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Frequently Asked Questions

After registration with Dropber, you shall have a log in to our OMS System and our website. Simply log in to our website and submit shipment alert and warehouse receiving form.

Please log in to your dashboard to check on the status change. Once the cargo is completely unloaded, Dropber team members will mark the cargo status to complete.

Please submit your request in the member operating page. Find the inventory physical count request form and our corresponding warehouse will operate physical inventory count accordingly. Depends on the volume of your inventory, the full inventory count will take about 3-5 business days.

Our warehouse normally shipped out the orders within 1 business days. Please give some time for our warehouse to process your order, and we will ship the orders as fast as we can. If the issue is still not solved yet, please click our Zendesk ticket system to submit your question ticket, and one of our agent will solve your problem as soon as we can.

On the shipping carrier tracking page, you will be able to see the shipment status. 1. Label Created – Label is created but has not picked up yet. Item/Package is still in our warehouse. 2. Picked Up – Packages have been loaded on UPS/Fedex Trailer, and is in transit to distribution centers. 3. In Transit – Packages have left carrier distribution center, and is in route to the destination distribution centers. 4. Delivered – Your orders have been signed, or the shipping carrier left the packages at a safe location of delivery addresses. After the label is created, the packages have to wait for shipping carriers truck to pick up from our warehouses. And the status will change after the packages have been scanned in the carrier’s distribution centers.

Simply signed up as a member in our website, and fill out a warehouse application form. One of our Dropber staff will contact your within 24-48 hours for further introductions.

Our IT team will connect your e-commerce platform into our OMS systems. Your orders will automatically be synced into our systems. And as our customer, you will be able to choose to store your inventory in multiple warehouses, and ship from a close location to your customer to reduce shipping time and fees.

Once your order is fulfilled, our system will push back the tracking number and shipment status back to your e-commerce platform automatically.

After signed up with us, you will get an access to our OMS system and website dashboard. Over there, you can submit your shipment information for full direct transload, or partial transload partial storage. Once your cargo arrives, we will process your shipment order according to your submitted requests.

We will send over a rate sheet along with service agreements. From our OMS system, you will be able to deposit or submit funds in advance. If you chose to end your service with us, we will return your funds within 2 weeks.